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Adding Emails with Pro-webdesign WebSite Control Panel.

Pro-webdesign users have CPanelX for their admin, follow this tutorial for adding and configuring a new email.
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Log into the Control Panel from Pro-webdesign.

You should see the main page where you can choose in the "Email management" box "Add / Remove E-mail Accounts"

Please note: the actual interface controls available depend on what package you have bought. cpanel email menu

Administration of the Email accounts

Now you should be directed to an email admin page where you can "Add, Delete and change email accounts.
At the top is where you would add a new email and at the bottom is where you can administrate existing emails.

Adding the new Email

Simply enter the new email at the domain name (if you have registered more than one domain with us or you wnat the email on a sub-domain), then enter your preferred password into the boxes and finally the QUOTA or size of your inbox in MegaBytes and your account will be automatically created. Note: you can also choose the "generate Password" which actually generates a very secure password for you. cpanel add email menu

Configuring the new or existing Email for your email client program

This step is very important if you want to collect your email using Outlook or Thunderbird
After you have added a new email, and you want to use it with an email client program such as outlook express or Mozilla Thunderbird you will have to configure the account.

Repeat the first steps of this tutorial up to "Administration of the Email accounts" and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Choose the email you want to configure and in the dropdown box choose "configure mail client" This will send you to a new page and the configuration of your inbox has now been finished.
You can now setup your mail client on your PC or Laptop to access the server and directly download your emails to your email client program. cpanel configure email menu

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